Casual Dining Bar

Our aim is to be a casual eating and drinking venue, we don’t stand on ceremony just provide a welcoming atmosphere to eat, drink and relax. The result is a venue ‘s many things to many people. The Local to some, that special place to others.

Situated in a Grade II listed building in front of Kidwelly Castle The Old Moathouse is a venue that once inside gives you the feel that you have been transported.

A large Wine list, Selection of beers from independent breweries and a weekly changing menu mean that no two trips to The Moat can be the same.

Craft Beer and Ales
From some of the best
Independent Breweries

Being a true Free House we can have beers from any brewery we like. And we like to support welsh brewers. With 8 Draught beer lines and two ale hand pulls we can vary our offering.

Our usual lineup will have 2 craft Lagers, 6 Craft beers (including at least 1 stout) and 2 Real Ales.

Locally Sourced
and Perfect for Sharing

Our plates menu changes weekly and is based on locally sourced seasonally available ingredients.

We offer a menu of small plates, designed for sharing in the style of Spanish Tapas, food should be a social event, and should always be relaxed. We don’t have a standard format as nothing is meant to be formal, a little nibble with a glass of wine or a full meal of 6 plates.

Desserts and Ice-creams

All our desserts, ice-creams and sorbets are made in house.

We try to match our sweet treats with the seasons and some of our favourite drinks that we may have on, be it pairing a chocolate cake with a stout or a blood orange vodka with a blood orange mousse and sorbet.

Online Shop for Local Delivery

We will deliver orders locally a couple of times a week to Kidwelly, Pembrey, Burry-Port, Llanelli, Trimsaran, Carway, Mynydd Y Garreg and Ferryside. Collections can be made from The Old Moathouse. Please see the Menu Bar for the Shop.

Help us to support our local suppliers and independent producers. Shop Local and support the local economy.